Photography and video

If you are looking for more interesting perspectives and dynamics for your video project, then we can offer it. Yes - dynamics and movements impossible for conventional video cameras! We achieve this with our small and mobile cameras with triax stabilization. Technology borrowed from drones for more and smooth movements in conventional video products.

Our DJI Osmo and DSLR cameras combined with our experience and the capabilities of our cameramen are the perfect combination to shoot corporate events, TV and video productions, behind-the-scene videos, corporate video presentations, etc.

The combination of our recourses for ground video shooting and drones are ideal for music videos, vehicle video presentations, commercials and more.

Photography is our passion and what initially inspired us to start shooting with drones. We have an experienced team and professional DSLR cameras and lighting for studio, product photographing, filming events and more. All this combined with the recourses of our drones allows us to shoot footages from all angles.